The Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers (MACHC) is a nonprofit membership organization of Community Health Centers (CHCs) that supports two CHCs in Delaware and 15 CHCs in  Maryland. These CHCs provide quality medical care to the under- and uninsured populations in their communities. 

Our mission is to improve the health of our communities; advocate on behalf of underserved and vulnerable communities; and support community health centers and their goals of providing access to high quality, affordable, and community -responsive primary care to all people within their communities while responding to the dynamic nature of todays health care system.

Our vision is to support a health care infrastructure that enables all people in Delaware and Maryland access to high quality, culturally responsive primary care. 


Trainings and Webinars

2020 UDS Documents

2020 UDS Manual

2020 UDS Tables

2020 UDS Training Toolkit

Telehealth Impact on 2020 Uniform Data System (UDS) Clinical Measure Reporting

UDS Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19 Reporting




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About Community Health Centers 

Health centers are community-based and patient-directed organizations that deliver comprehensive, culturally competent, high-quality primary health care services.

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