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MACHC's Peer Learning | Advisory Workgroups

Business Meeting

Emergency Preparedness Workgroup

MACHC’s Emergency Preparedness Workgroup supports centers in preparation and response to public health emergencies and natural disasters. The workgroup serves as a hub for sharing resources and mobilizing around state and federal requests.


Frequency | Meets as needed

Attendees  | Emergency department leads and key staff responsible for responding & preparing for emergencies

Contact Noah Offenbacher for more information |

Operations Workgroup

MACHC’s Operations Workgroup facilitates sharing across a range of center functions to streamline and improve health center operations. Participants share best practices—including beneficial vendor relationships, identify opportunities for a field-wide approach to purchasing services, and support adherence to compliance standards.

Frequency | Meets monthly

Attendees | Chief Operating Officers or center designee

Contact: Delaney McGonegal for more information |

Workforce Advisory Group

MACHC’s Workforce Advisory Group guides strategy to support a well-trained, highly-skilled, diverse, culturally competent health center workforce. Activities include, but are not limited to, recruitment and retention, benefit design, employee wellness, and job transformation.

Frequency | Meets monthly

Attendees | Human Resource Senior Leads or center designee

Contact: Shamonda Braithwaite for more information |

Quality Advisory Group

MACHC’s Quality Advisory Workgroup brings clinical and population health leaders together to set priorities to best meet patients’ needs, ensure field-wide buy-in, and share challenges that could impede evidence-based practice implementation. MACHC collaborates with national and state subject matter experts to leverage resources and supports centers can use to advance quality care.

Frequency | Meets quarterly

Attendees | Chief Medical Officers and population health leads

Contact: Nora Hoban for more information |

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