Guide to Health Center Development

The Mid-Atlantic Association of Community Health Centers has developed a web-based toolkit for those who wish to pursue the development of their own health centers or build upon the level of services that are currently provided in already existing facilities. The tool-kit is designed to allow access to a range of information relating to health center development that is both interactive and extensible. For new-starts, this straightforward and comprehensive guide covers all the aspects of Community Health Center (CHC) development, from basic facts to valuable methodologies, providing numerous resources for an in-depth understanding of the community health center process. For existing CHCs, this site will serve as a useful reference guide for improvement and expansion as well as a handy resource for Federally Qualified Health Center related issues.

The structure of the guide follows the outline of the health center program expectations issued by the BPHC, providing sections which include technical instruction, Maryland and Delaware state specific information and links to additional related resources. Such as a tool-kit which allows for a clear comprehension of related processes and the easy retrieval of information. It is the expectation of MACHC that this online toolkit will assist in the continued development of CHC's within the states of Maryland and Delaware and elsewhere. Acting as a strategic resource in the development of initiatives aimed at improving access to primary care via a medium that publishes information to a large audience at a very low cost.

Click Here to View our Guide for Developing a Community Health Center.