Clinical Quality Improvement Committee

To continually measure quality and share those measures and results with each other to better able initiate process change and use “Evidence-based” practices to provide the best quality of care available for patients served.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Serves to promote collaborative relationships across MACHC’s member organizations in all matters relevant to Clinical Quality Improvement.
  • Serves in a cooperative position to identify and share best clinical practices across MACHC member organizations.
  • Identifies and prioritizes annual quality improvement technical assistance/training needs of MACHC’s member organizations.
  • Acts as MACHC’s liaison/advocate in communicating MACHC’s clinical quality improvement strategies and activities to member organizations.
  • Promotes evidenced-based medicine by actively promoting the delivery of care services that are based on clinical practice guidelines.
  • Is responsible for assistance in educating healthcare providers regarding the quality improvement process.
  • Serves in an educational and advisory capacity to each committee member’s respective health center in matters pertaining to the committee recommendations and activities.
  • Disseminates information on committee actions and approved recommendations to physicians and staff.