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Funded! Now What? - A Useful Monograph by NACHC

You get the call…you are funded! Break out the balloons and noisemakers, do the high-fives, then panic sets in. This is the most common reaction to finding out that you have been given the opportunity to open a new health center. Your organization is one of many new or expanded health center sites that will provide access to millions of new patients. That is a big responsibility and the health center has to be up and running in just 120 days! Certainly if you are opening a satellite clinic you probably have some, if not many, of the systems established that you will transfer to the new site. A lot of effort will be placed on the best way to integrate the new facility into the existing operation. Those of you starting new health centers face a much more daunting task. Regardless, there is so much to do, and so little time.

This monograph is the second in a series of practical guides to starting health centers produced by the National Association of Community Health Centers (NACHC). The first "So You Want to Start a Health Center" walks you through the process of determining whether or not a health center is a good fit for a community and how to pursue federal designations and funding. Assuming success in getting federal support, the next question is "What do we do now?" There will be a lot happening all at once. Putting together a clinic is not a linear process.

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