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Access is the Answer

What is the “Access is the Answer” Campaign?

Health Centers are facing an unprecedented threat and a unique opportunity in 2014. Like every year, Health Centers will have to fight to secure annual funding from Washington. But unlike any year in Health Center history, this year we face a looming Health Center funding cliff – a potential 70% reduction in Health Center program funding scheduled to take effect in 2016. Every health center needs to take accountability and join this campaign immediately including your center. Click here for NACHC's March 2014 document outlining Access is the Answer.

To counteract the cliff, NACHC and MACHC have established some goals and action steps to be met by each health center by the end of the year:

1.  Each health center will buddy up with another health center and write an Op-Ed piece for their local newspaper ONCE (see Op-Ed sign-up sheet attached). Health Center leadership will sign up during the board meeting and note one person responsible for Op-Ed as the contact.

2.  500 signatures on the Petition from community members on the letter by the end of the year. To do this, your health center staff should help in spreading the word about the petition to your friends, family, and colleagues. Post fliers (see attached) in your Health Center and other community centers, Tweet/Facebook about the petition, and leave copies of the petition by the front desk or in waiting rooms. - See more at:

3.  15 Support letters from local leaders per health center

4.  Meet with local representatives of your area (see talking points). These meetings can be set up and coordinated with Deitra Bell ( Please bring a consumer/patient who seeks care at your health center so they can augment the importance and need of health centers to the representative.

Meeting these goals/action steps will establish accountabillity and together, health centers can fight back this cliff. Please find attached resources for your convenience:

1.  The Fact sheet which captures the cliff’s impact on your health center. See NACHC's information on the Funding Cliff.
2.  State impact infographic:
3.  Sign up for Op-ed sheet (*will be completed during the next board meeting, see Op-Ed contact list spreadsheet)
4.  Petition for signatures from community members: (see Petition (1))
5.  Access is the Answer Flier

6.  Local Support Letter template
7.  Talking points for talking to your Congressman
8.  Sugested Responses to Letter Push Back   

Please bear in mind we have less than three months to meet our goal and it is imperative that each health center join and take action towards this Campaign’s success.

If you have any specific questions regarding the campaign, reach out to Alexandra Harris